Saturday, March 7, 2020

More Stan & Jack News & Your Favourite Comic Shop

Ah, there you all are.
Well, I can't really add anything to the current conversation re: Comic painting, except to declare once again my lifelong love for the work of Jeff Jones, so...
Some updates, firstly here's some more sketches currently sitting above my drawing board. One old, one new:

My ongoing bid for world domination continues apace, as I can now reveal that GOSH Comics, everybody's fave comic shop in the heart of Swingin' Soho, is now stocking Stan & Jack!
So if there are any liltin' Londoners out there who were on the fence about buying the book, you now have no excuse!
Or you can still buy direct from me at: natch.

I'm also going to be doing an interview about Stan & Jack for Wits End Podcast, so I'll keep everybody updated on that, so you can all watch / listen to me waffle. Plus there's a review up at  and a piece I wrote for Bleeding Cool, explaining how the whole furshlugginer thing came about. That's at
When do I sleep? You may well ask, effendis!

Of course, while I was in GOSH, I had to score this chunk of gorgeousity:

So let's talk comic shops, shall we? We may've talked around this before, but let's do it again. Obviously GOSH is my current fave, but where's yours? Good experiences / bad ones? Whaddya say?

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Stan & Jack #1 & Original Art


Yes, it's here! At last! Because YOU demanded it!

And as proof, here's Dave himself with his very own copy in his hot little hands!

What's that, pilgrims? Where can you get your OWN cavortin' copy? Nothing could be simpler! Just hie thee over to effendi's! And tell 'em Irving Forbush sent you!
( Phew... It's exhasting talking like Stan all the time! )

Let's talk original art. I follow Jimmy Palmiotti on the ol' twitter, and yesterday he put up some pieces he owns, with the invitation for everybody else to do likewise.
So I responded with these ( which some of you may've seen before on the other blog ):

Back in 2005, the late great Gene Colan was selling the Twomorrows produced biography Secrets In The Shadows on his website, along with a compedium  / best bits book called The Gene Colan Annual.
The deal was, if you bought both books direct from Gene, he would do you two FREE headshots of any character you wanted!!!
And as you can see, I chose Matt & Nat, their short run together being one of my favourites of the Bronze Age.

Now, as you'd expect, Sean owns a bit of original art, mostly John M. Burns ( natch ) but a few other bits and pieces as well.
I actually don't know if I'd want original pages ( if I could even afford them ), but one-off masterpieces like the two above? Hell, yeah.
So what about you lot? Got any original art? What about those Artist's Editions? I've never indulged, basically because after the initial 'gosh wow' moment, I don't know how many times I'd ever go back to them. Have you got any?
Original art. Tell us all.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Lost Comic Companies & Sketchbook Stuff

Been posting some pieces from my old sketchbooks up on twitter, and thought those who don't indulge might like a gander. Hey, we can always do with some art about the place!
Here's an ancient drawing I did of Siouxsie:

Here's Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon:

And here's Juliette Binoche. I really like this one. But then I really like Juliette Binoche...

Diana Rigg:

Julie Delpy:

And here's an unfinished Mad Max. No surprise people on twitter liked this one the best. Equally no surprise this is by far the oldest piece, done when I was about 16. Sheesh.

While over at:

A twitter buddy asked me yesterday about Atlas comics, or Atlas / Seaboard as they're called outside Rec. Road. He'd never read any, and had only vaguely heard of Chaykin's Scorpion but not much else, and what would I recommend if he came across any in the back issue bins..?
I said he couldn't go too far wrong with The Destructor, Wulf, Tiger-Man, Grim Ghost, Planet Of Vampires, Scorpion and of course Thrilling Adventure Stories. And that he had to read IronJaw just 'cos it was so bad.
At least the first couple of issues of those are worth a look, and some are actually very good, before they all went south in the third or fourth issues.
And it started me thinking: There were loads of comic companies that have now gone to that great Bullpen in the sky.
Dave, for instance, will always extoll the virtues of Crossgen, I have an abiding affection for Charlton. First were also quite good, I think. Some may even wish EC were still around.
How about it? Any fave defunct comic companies? Any that you wish had succeeded long term?
Or was Atlas utter bilge from start to finish?

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Your First Comic

Greetings troops! As you see, we have a new header, signifying that we are THIS close to the release of Stan & Jack #1, which at risk of doing some Stan style hyperbolizing, I'm quite excited about.
Now, for the Podium this week:
Been talking about this one over on twitter, and it got a good reaction, so let's see how we do here.
( I don't think we've done this one, I lose track sometimes, but if so, let's do it again! )

What's the oldest comic you own?
I don't mean a Gold or Silver Age thing you've managed to snag in the last few years at a con or off ebay. I mean, a comic you've had, and kept, your entire life.
Here's mine:

Alix is a Franco-Belgian strip that's very rarely been translated into English, and is drawn in the clear line style beloved of Tintin creator Herge. In fact, Alix himself is kind of an Ancient Rome version of Tintin, always sticking his nose in where it isn't wanted, and solving mysteries like a one-boy Scooby Doo gang.
None of which I was aware of back in 1971, when I begged my Mum to buy me this book, at the tender age of 6!
This was even before Marvel came into England, so all I would've seen previous to this would've been Superman, Batman and Mickey Mouse. Still, I obviously knew a great cover when I saw it, right?
So how about y'all? Oldest thing you own...?

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Wonder Woman

Let's talk Wonder Woman ( hey, why not? )
I just read this:

And it's great. Like really great. Diana wakes up from suspended animation and finds the world has ended, and it might be her fault.
It's gritty, action-packed and just plain good readin'. Ok, You set just about ANY story post-apocalypse stylee and I'm likely to go for it, but no, I really enjoyed  this, and can't wait for the next installment.
Then I read this:

And this is really good too!
Now, I've  never given a monkey's about Wonder Woman one way or another, I guess because her late Silver Age / Bronze Age run's weren't especially outstanding ( drab, if the truth be known ), but I loved the movie, for exactly the same reason I loved the Cap movie. I finally understood the character, and saw what others see in her.
But I still don't really care what she gets up to in the pages of her own book. Take her outside of her 'comfort zone' though, and tell a different kind of story ( both of these, I guess, are sort of 'What If's', sorry Dave! ) and I'm there with bells on.
So howabout it? Anybody else got any other characters that've been taken in a different direction, and you've suddenly gone: Actually they're quite good, aren't they?

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Comic Book Cliches

Stan & Jack's nearly ready, Pilgrims! Here's some rejigged and coloured covers...

While over at:

For obvious reasons, I've been thinking a lot about Comic Book Cliches lately. Y'know the kind of thing, heroes describing what's happening when the artist has drawn what's happening perfectly well.
'The car? Exploding...?'
'He's shooting at me...?'
'My head's fallen off....??'
Stuff like that.

Or my current fave ( again for obvious reasons ), those story titles Stan used over and over and over again:
Or the ever popular:

So how about it? Comic Book Cliches. There's a million of 'em. Gimme some favourites, and some that drove ( or indeed drive ) you crazy. Let's go, Frantic Ones!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Happy New Year!

Hope everybody had a good break, 'cos we're back, and as you can see, I've been busy!

That's the ad I'm clogging up Twitter with, while re-lettering those old pages of Stan & Jack ready for print. Didja know a lot of lettering you can buy ( from Comicraft ) is named after specific artists? And that The Kids From Rec. Road has long been lettered in 'Joe Kubert'?
Well, I actually treated myself to a few new typefaces over Christmas, though I didn't buy the 'Sean Phillips' one........... but Sean did! ( Well you would, wouldn't you? )

What shall we start the New Year off talking about? Well, you tell me! I'm still in lettering heaven, what SHALL we start off with?