Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The Savage Sword Of The Kids From Rec. Road

Hey, we've got a title for this one!

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Let's sort of talk Conan. Well, not really, but it's a starting point. Recently, Rascally Roy returned to Conan, for what I think is due to be a 6 issue run. He also did a one-off Invaders of course.

I thought the Invaders book was perfectly fine for what amounts to a prequel, but I loved this issue of Conan. It really did feel like a lost issue I'd somehow missed at the time.

And then there was Dauntless Don and his brief return to the Panther:

I thought this was a beautiful farewell to Monica Lynne, a character I always liked.
I'm aware most of us don't dabble in the mainstream anymore, but would you grab something new by a beloved Bronze Age creator or not?
Or to extend the question, would you invest in something outside the world of comics by one of them?
I've got McGregor's Dragonflame, and yes, it's very much of that era, but I mostly like it. I wouldn't mind Englehart's novels as well ( even if he's not that keen on them ), and I think this:

Remains one of the greatest takes on Superman ever.
Whereas you'd have to pay me to read a book by Claremont ( yes, he did write a couple )
So how about it? New work by Bronze Age creators. Bothered? Novels or other media by Bronze Age creators. Bothered?
And I'll add another wrinkle: Sketchbooks by creators? A lot of them are doing this now. Bothered?? The modern artists for me, not so much.
But if Buscema or Kane had done one back in the day, that might've been different, so I can see the attraction. What d'you think?

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Kids From Rec. Road Go Graphite & How Far Is Too Far... Again

He just had to go there, didn't he?

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Manuel suggested we just carry on with last week's topic: How Far Is Too Far? which suits me 'cos I don't have think up anything new...
In the comments last week, we also touched on Steve Gerber and his attacks in print on the comics industry, such as in Void Indigo Destroyer Duck. There was also this legendary issue of Warlock from Jim Starlin:

Some people felt Jim went too far with this one, and certainly some here felt Void Indigo was too far.
Freedom of speech or childish tantrum? What d'you think?
Or to quote Manuel:
'We are talking now about social advances, creators enraged, attacks against the Code, freedom of speech'
How personal should mainstream comics be? How personal should personal comics be before they become self-indulgent wank?
Most of the Bronze Age classics everybody loves ARE self-indulgent, at least to a degree. But again: How far is too far?
Over to Rec. Road Assembled.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Kids From Rec. Road Return &.... How Far Is Too Far?

We're back! We're back! We're..... wha..... hang on, what's happened here?
Oh well, I'm sure it'll get sorted next week...
In the meantime, as it's Halloween, how about this one?

How far is TOO far?
Years back, when I eagerly bought the first issue of Epic, I cam across this panel in Jim Starlin's Metamorphosis Odyssey:

I remember vividly going: 'UUURRR! JIM!!! How COULD you?!!!'
And those who've been putting up with my drivel for a while now will know all about this scene from Tales Of The Zombie #7, and how it gave me nightmares for literally years after seeing it:

Even now, all these years later, I still get a frisson of repulsion looking at these images.
And again, as I've said before, I like 'safe' horror. As long as it's a monster or has some kind of fantasy element, I'm cool with it. But people using power tools on other people generally turns me right off. I'm fine with gore, what I'm not fine with is mean-spiritedness, which is why I'm unlikely ever to watch Last House On The Left, Ichi The Killer, Hostel or I Spit On Your Grave, for instance.
In terms of comics, I can appreciate the work of somebody like S. Clay Wilson, and what he was trying to achieve, but it wouldn't be my first choice of reading material, for sure.
Two of the best horror comics, for my money, 'The Monster Of Dread End' and 'Jenifer' are disturbing, but not too nasty. And much scarier for that reason.
So is there a 'too far'? I know where my limit is? Where's yours?


In news that will rock the foundations of Rec. Road, Dave just phoned me to say that he's decided to stop buying mainstream modern comics, as of now. None of it interests him anymore, he's waited too long for Spidey to get good again, and it's just too expensive to follow all this stuff that isn't grabbing him.
This means two things. Firstly, he's obviously got a ton of Bronze Age DC ( not to mention Charlton & Warren ) to read now.
But slightly more seriously: Hey, Marvel & DC, if you can't keep a lifelong, die-hard fan like Dave, who's put up with your worst drivel for years... You really are in trouble, 'cos he ain't the only one I reckon.

Oh, and Sean' s just posted on twitter his regular message to the nation, which I'm happy to put up here as well. Here's Philbo:
'If you're going to vote Tory, please unfollow me and stop buying my books, you arsehole.'
Words to live by.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Kids From Rec. Road In: To Swap Or Not To Swap!

One more week before The Kids return properly in all-new, senses-stunning adventures, so here's another blast from the past, that me & Sean did for the Thought Bubble con a while back. Actually, this was the first time we'd done any Kids since childhood, and we missed nary a beat, I'm happy to say...

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While we're talking about Thought Bubble, what about cons? I know we've discussed meeting our heroes, both good and bad, but what about cons themselves?
Good experiences? Bad experiences? Are cons better or worse now? Do you even still go?
Let us know...

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Kids From Rec. Road In: Star Warz

As I invariably do, I didn't make it to Sean's Lakes Comic Art Festival this year but, as he invariably does, ol' Philbo gave me & this site a hearty plug while he was there anyway.
So, on the offchance we've got some new readers popping in this week, I thought introductions were in order. Those who've heard all this before, feel free to move onto the comics:
Like it says on the header, me, Sean and our ace pal David grew up as the biggest ever comic fans our little town had back in the Bronze Age.
We loved comics so much, we did our own, all about ourselves and our escapades, and here every week ( with assistance from them two ) I'm doing new strips, and occasionally embarrassing us all by posting those old ones, back from when we were all barely in our teens.
For our new adventures in the '70's, and my other pulse-pounding epic Stan & Jack, check out previous pages. For the old stuff, well...
This week we're presenting our magnum opus, our epic, our... well, one of our favourites anyway: Star Warz!
Written by all three of us, and drawn by Sean when we were all only just out of short trousers, If the Jim'll Fix It gag is unfortunate ( We were kids! What did we know? ), then I still like the way the Princess greets me rescuing her.
See how many gags you can spot that we stole from Mad, as you feel The Farce...

Something else we do here at Rec. Road, for those possibly just joining us is this:

Where we discuss, well, whatever we want to discuss in the wacky world of comics. F'instance, Movie & TV to comics. What dya think? For me, as I've said before, movie adaptations never felt like 'real' comics to me, especially when Marvel did 'em.
But, we wouldn't be comic fans if we didn't break our own self-imposed rules at the merest sniff of great artwork, so here's some of my faves, starting with Alberto Giolitti's magnificent King Kong:

Archie Goodwin & Walt Simonson's Close Encounters and Ernie Colon's Battlestar Galactica, being the only Marvel Super Special's that ever came into our town:


With honourable mentions for Planet Of The Apes weekly & Logan's Run:

So movie comics. Good thing? Bad thing? And now I think about it, I remember being really disappointed when Logan was cancelled with ish #7, just when they were getting into original stories occuring after the movie.
So are there any that should've continued on? POTA had some wild stuff from Doug Moench & Mike Ploog once they'd run out of the flicks to adapt, so what d'ya'll think?

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Kids From Rec. Road: In Progress

As I'm still knee deep in the corporate paying gig, as promised, here's some in progress stuff. This may well form the opening of the Kids From Rec. Road #1 ( if I ever get round to doing the rest of it! ), but regardless, I mostly like these pages, so here they are.
No dialogue, but you'll catch the drift, and herein, an early glimpse of some new characters: Whiffin ( the Pig Pen of Rec. Road ) and Wendy & Princess Pauline ( the Betty & Veronica of Rec. Road ). They'll all be along properly soon, but for now:

And over at:

I don't really have a query this week, gang, but I do have a couple of things to mention, which could probably be loosely defined around creativity. I've always looked at this site partially as all of us in the pub shooting the breeze anyway, so here goes.
I don't know how many of you are on facebook, or who follow Dauntless Don McGregor. Simon Cerebus and I do. Forgive me if I've mentioned this elsewhere already ( I'm all over the interweb, as we know, so I sometimes forget myself ), but Don briefly decided to leave Facebook last week.
He generally posts photos & videos of his adventures around the world with Marsha ( Mrs. McGregor ), going to cons, receiving awards, visiting the McGregor distillery in Scotland and so on, and it's all basically nice stuff for fans & friends.
Well, recently, somebody Don has known personally for years went on his page and told him to stop doing that, to stop accepting free holidays and stop accepting awards he didn't deserve.
Don was understandably hurt, and announced he was leaving Facebook for a while to reflect. He changed his mind when everybody commented in to say to not let that guy win, but even so. A shame, that even at his age and accomplishments, this kind of thing happens.

And then this week, I found this on twitter, and it perfectly encapsulates how I feel about all this creative stuff. I just wanted to share it, in case anyone else is having a hard time. It sums me up, and I'd be fairly sure it sums Don up too:

Comments? Thoughts?

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Kids From Rec Road Present: Stan & Jack #4!

Let's hang with messrs. Lee & Kirby and pals one more time, with the as yet unfinshed Stan & Jack #4, or Giant-Size Stan & Jack, or Giant-Size Stan-Thing.
Not a complete issue, as I say, but still plenty of yocks to be had, as the boys find out what it's like... Being Steve Gerber...

And, apart from this pulse-pounding Next Issue piece...

That's about all I ever did with Stan & Jack, so if you want me to do more.... You know what to do!


Somebody on twitter this week, I think Erik Larsen, suggested that, as very few people buy the monthlies AND the trades, why not save the long, sprawling deconstructed saga's for the trades, and keep the monthlies for one shot / one-off stories.
I think there's a bit of mileage in that, though I wouldn't necessarily want to see a return to Silver Age storytelling, where it's one-off story after one-off story. But certainly, I think we're all a bit sick of deconstruction.
Anyway, it started me thinking, where d'you sit on monthlies vs trades these days, if at all?
Dave still mostly invests in the monthly experience, whereas Sean mostly waits for the trade ( as do I ).
Preferences? Thoughts? Over to you.