Monday, January 7, 2019

Kids Of The Stones pt. 1

Welcome back! We all made it to 2019, which means we're living in the future now, don'cha know.
Except for The Kids of course. It's still half past 1973 at Rec. Road.
F'instance, we're starting off this year with a slightly longer story, in which we discuss, pay homage to and generally rip off classic Bronze Age kids TV serial Children Of The Stones.

Of course, Dave is completely right here. Everybody who saw Children Of The Stones at the time remembers it, but for those who weren't around:
Back in the '70's, the children's drama makers at HTV West ingested a huge bag of hallucinogens, and came up with some of the strangest, creepiest, most intelligent and just plain amazing kids serials of all time.
Kafka-esque urban nightmare King Of The Castle, Arthurian eco-fable Raven, time travelling angel / alien Sky ( along with honourable mentions for the BBC's post apocalypse epic The Changes and Thames TV's Pre-Columbian political horror The Feathered Serpent ), this genuinely was the Golden Age of TV fantasy for children.
But probably the king of them all was Children Of The Stones. Like the unholy spawn of The Prisoner and The Wicker Man, this one literally freaked out a generation.

Don't worry, you won't need to have seen the shows to get the gags, but as most of them are available on youtube or around the net, why not check them out ( or check them out again ). They're all still great.
And join us over the coming weeks as we spend some time in the creepy village of Milbury. Or maybe we've always been there....

NB. Thanks to our old pal Cerebus for the use of his Avebury photos for the strip. Cheers C!


  1. Well done Pete! Nice to see my favourite kids programme...EVER! getting a mention in your now legendary strip. Just don't let us accept any invites to dinner with Hendrick :D

  2. Cheers Dave - Here's hoping I'm not just preaching to an audience of one and people DO remember Children Of The Stones!

  3. Thats a bit glass half empty Pete(; - of course we all remember Children of the Stones.
    (Well, pretty much everyone I know my age does)


  4. Yep, a lot of us DO remember Children Of The Stones - I think it traumatised an entire generation of kids! I re-watched the show only a few weeks ago and it definitely still stands up, as indeed so do the stones. It's very intelligently written for a children's serial of the time, is for the most part well acted, and is still pretty creepy.
    And that title sequence!
    I'm glad you could make use of the photos, Pete. They do look pretty cool as a backdrop to the Kids' adventures. We ventured down to deepest Wiltshire last month and I took more photos of those wonderful stones - they may be appearing on my blog soon. Well, as soon as I can get my lazy arse into gear and actually post something...

  5. Excellent, more for me to steal!